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Our Mission
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The Military Family Service Center (MFSC) believes that any war fighter should be secure in the knowledge that while they are defending the nation or training to do so, whether domestically or abroad, their family is supported and provided for at home.

It is through the generous and continuing support from individuals, organizations, and sponsoring businesses that the MFSC is able to meet the daily goal of providing for the morale, welfare, and informational needs of local military families and veterans. The Military Family Support Center is a singular organization with infinite possibilities.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Supporting Our Military

At Home

The mission of the Military Family Support Centers, Inc., a 501 (C)(3) private charitable organization, is to identify and to satisfy morale, welfare and information needs of military families of the Active Component and the Reserve Component (Federal Re-serves and National Guard) of the Armed Forces located in areas remote from military installations.
Supporting Our Military at Home
Who is Eligible to be a Member of the MFSC?

1) Families of Service Members in the Active Component & Reserve Component 
(Federal Reserves and National Guard)

We stand by all branches and components of the military and their families through all the stages of their service (deployment, mobilization, annual training, drill, battle assembly and
all other phases of service).

We support and advocate for military families whose loved ones were wounded in combat until they are healthy.

2) Surviving Dependents of Fallen Heroes
We will forever support any family of a fallen hero.​​

The Military Family Support Centers Inc.