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Unit Morale:

Supporting Our Military at Home
Morale Programs
MFSC Morale Programs are intended to support and facilitate the creation of community support networks for military families.

​​The MFSC facilitate this through unit sponsored events, as well as multi-unit or multi-branch community events, so families of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who live in our community have an opportunity to meet.

Who is Eligible to be a Member of the MFSC?

Family Morale

1) Families of Service Members in the Active Component & Reserve Component 
(Federal Reserves and National Guard)

We stand by all branches and components of the military and their families through all the stages of their service (deployment, mobilization, annual training, drill, battle assembly and
all other phases of service).

We support and advocate for military families whose loved ones were wounded in combat until they are healthy.

2) Surviving Dependents of Fallen Heroes
We will forever support any family of a fallen hero.​​​

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